Average Israeli Salary as of March 2024

The current median salary in Israel is 14,000 sheqels per month, and has fluctuated from 13k-14k ever since 2023.  At a rate of 0.27 USD per sheqel 14k ILS equals:

$3,780 USD per month;

3,500 EUR per month;

Back in 2018, the poverty line was 7,000 sheqels per month.  It may be 9,000/mo now.

$1,890 USD per month is 7,000 ILS (2024-06-05) 

1,750 EUR per month is 7,000 ILS

$2,430 USD per month is 9,000 ILS 

12,250 EUR per month is 9,000 ILS

See chart below:

Monthly salary graph for 2019 thru the frist quarter of 2024. Clip from https://www.cbs.gov.il/he/mediarelease/DocLib/2024/167/26_24_167b.pdf captured on 5 June, 2024.

Source:  https://www.cbs.gov.il/he/mediarelease/DocLib/2024/167/26_24_167b.pdf

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