It already was a de facto state of Gaza since 2005

22 Jan 2024, Samaria: Why all this sudden talk about reviving the long-dead two state solution?  US President Biden and Israeli PM Netanyahu are currently involved in a weeks-long public controversy via their statements to mass media.  Biden’s administration says it’s the only way; Netanyahu says not on my watch.

As we see here, Netanyahu has the agreement of the Israeli people, not Biden:

Photo from "Palestinian statehood during election season," Jerusalem Post, 22 Jan 2024 pg 1.
“Palestinian statehood during election season,” Jerusalem Post, 22 Jan 2024 pg 1.

This is a problem, because Biden thinks he needs a foreign policy victory to boost his campaign during this US election season. And he wants Israelis to pay the price by rewarding Palestinians with a state as a payment for their terrorism on October 7:

Photo from "Palestinian statehood during election season," Jerusalem Post, 22 Jan 2024 pg 1.
“Palestinian statehood during election season,” Jerusalem Post, 22 Jan 2024 pg 1.

This is dangerous and antisemitic because of some American leaders’ talk of withdrawing emergency aid to Israel; They wold want to make aid contingent on Israel agreeing with the US plan to grant the Pals an expanded state which connects Gaza with the West Bank.

The last time the Palestinian Authority was given a mini-state in Gaza in 2005, it immediately lost the election to Hamas followed by a bloody coup in 2007.

Muslims would experience this as a prize in return for their violence; and should the new state be handed over to the Fatah party which runs the Palestinian Authority (aka PLO aka PA), clearly, Hamas would take over again by democratic vote and by violence.

Is that what the US and the world wants?  Yet another murderous antisemitic state – this time within Israeli borders instead of merely next door?

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Source:  "Palestinian statehood during [US] election season," Jerusalem Post, 22 Jan 2024 pg 1.

Personal wisdom can work for states, too

17 Jan 2024, Samaria:  In other words, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” i.e., the whole group of geese.

Hillel the Elder, a Jewish sage, lived in Israel during the same time period as Y’shua, and his wisdom is sometimes quoted by Christians, not just Jews.

Jerusalem Post, 17 Jan 2024, pg 9.
Jerusalem Post, 17 Jan 2024, pg 9.


The phrases under discussion are the following:

If I am not for myself, who shall be for me?

But if I am only for myself, what am I?

If not now, when?

– Hillel the Elder, 1st Century

Writer Eliot Penn continues and expands: “The US and Europe are too happy to drink a cocktail of naivete, delusion, and denial… As the West twiddles its thumbs, Iran continues to sponsor global terrorism…”

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Source: Jerusalem Post, 17 Jan 2024, pg 9.

Hamas: Red Cows Caused this War

16 Jan 2024, Samaria:  Remember the red cows which appeared in Israel recently and were displayed during Sukkot?  Well now Hamas claims that they were a threat to the mosque in Jerusalem – and thus, one reason for the Oct 7 attack.

I wonder – did the people of Gaza get a vote in this decision?


Article screenshot on 2024-01-16 at Elder of Ziyon website
Article screenshot on 2024-01-16 at Elder of Ziyon website


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Israel Rebuts Genocide Charges

14 Jan 2024, Samaria:  Israel’s rebuttal at The Hague: ‘If there were acts of genocide they have been perpetrated against us.’

Time to point out that intention is a crucial element of what constitutes genocide.  Hamas has written their intent to kill all the Israelis.  This has been made clear in the Hamas Charter as well as in their many public announcements.

Israel has no intent to kill all the Gazans. Israel has stated publicly its intent to stop Hamas from governing and to bring Hamas to justice for their actions.  If one tries to argue that Israel has a hidden intent to wipe out all Gazans, I say: Israel has that capability, but it cannot be the intent since the population keeps rising in Gaza.

Fair to say that Israel’s publicly stated intention is accurate.  Hamas’ publicly stated intent – to genocide all the Israelis – is also accurate.


2024-01-14 Jerusalem Post, pg 1.
2024-01-14 Jerusalem Post, pg 1. –


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Qatar, a US ally, harbors Hamas top leaders

9 Jan 2024, Samaria: The Qatari PM says that Israel’s assassination of a top Hamas leader really complicates the hostage deal.

Manipulate much, Qatar?

Jerusalem Post, 8 Jan 2024 pg 1.
Jerusalem Post, 8 Jan 2024 pg 1.

So, what have we learned here from these Qatar statements?

Qatar/Hamas says: “We’re not very happy that Israel keeps retaliating against us for what we did. We would prefer them to just be quiet and let us kill them without any difficulty.”

USA: “I don’t think Israel is gonna go for that. Can you sweeten the deal a bit?”

Israel: “They’re basically offering to kill fewer of us now, and then more of us later, if we just quit right away.”

Qatar/Hamas says: “Exactly! Look, we didn’t kill every Israeli we could grab on Oct 7. We left a few alive with us so we could use them later to manipulate you. Just stop retaliating, or else we’ll have to kill the hostages.”

USA: “See, Israel? These guys are really trying to reach a compromise here.”

Israel: “They’re probably lying about whether the hostages are even still alive. We’ve still got more Hamas leaders’ names on this list here…”

Qatar/Hamas: “USA, make them stop!”

Israel: “…so while we work on that, we will just keep searching for our hostages without any of your ‘help,’ thanks.”

USA: “Well, this was a waste. Maybe we need to threaten Israel somehow, hmmm, let’s see about that.”

Qatar/Hamas: “Stop them from developing defensive systems.”

USA: “But, we need those too. That’s a part of the deal.”

Qatar/Hamas: “Just make them stop! It’s not fair that they can just retaliate like this.”

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Harvard Supported Hitler, too

2024-01-03, Samaria: Antisemitism at Harvard University did not start with recently resigned President Claudine Gay, who was sharply criticized for antisemitic remarks in a Congressional hearing:  Back in Hitler’s day, Harvard helped Nazi Germany:

Screen grab from Times of Israel, 3 Jan 2024.

Clip from the article: “What today’s Harvard administration has in common with its predecessor in the 1930s is its reluctance to reject an evil regime and its supporters,” said Medoff, director of The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies.

Presidents from Penn, MIT, and Harvard universities each testified before Congress in December 2023.  They met beforehand, and their language and messages were exactly the same.  Penn president, Elizabeth Magill, and the chairman of the Penn board of trustees, Scott L. Bok were the first to resign after backlash for their antisemitic comments.  MIT president Sally Kornbluth is also under pressure to resign since she would not say whether it is a violation of the school’s policy for students to call for intifada or for genocide of Jews:

Screen grab from Fox News on 3 Jan 2024.

Israel requests moral support from the international community: All calls for intifada and genocide of Jews is wrong.

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Source1: A century before Claudine Gay, Harvard helped Nazi Germany improve its image in the West; Research into ‘active collaboration’ between Harvard and Nazi Germany gains relevance as Harvard continues to frame antisemitic rhetoric on campus as freedom of speech;

Source2: Antisemitism Exposed: MIT, Harvard face mounting pressure on ‘choice to defend terrorist sympathizers’ after UPenn president resigns;

Source3: Video: Israeli doctoral student Liyam Chitayat addressed MIT students on the issue:

October 86th for Israel

1 Jan 2024, Samaria: Different ways of counting time.  While the world calls it Jan 1, Israel can’t truly celebrate:

Jerusalem Post, 1 Jan 2024, pg. 1.

Fireworks for NYE: So at the stroke of midnight, Gaza sent a wonderful gift – a barrage of rockets against Israeli civilians:

Screen shot from Times of Israel, Jan 1 2024.

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Blogs like Times of Israel count today (Jan 1) as Day 87 because of up-to-the-hour reporting, while Jerusalem Post calls it the 86th day of war because they close for “press time” the day before the paper is delivered. To add to the complexity, the Jewish Calendar is loosely based upon the Biblical Calendar; and neither has any January 1 at all, as the new year is the First of Aviv in the springtime, and the harvest year is at the start of the 7th month, which is in the autumn (Leviticus 23, Deuteronomy 16).