Arabs attack Israelis, Hamas, PIJ, and PLO celebrate

2022-08-15:  OK, so here’s a recent timeline:

2022-08-13 Arabs from Bethlehem fired at Jews at Rachel’s Tomb; no injuries. So, these Arabs would be non-Israeli, since Israel gave Bethlehem to the PLO in 1994.  And yes, this refers to that Rachel: Wife of Jacob, who was the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham.  Remember that Bethlehem is known as “The City of David” for example in Luke 2:11.

2022-08-14: Saturday night, 1:24 am, near David’s Tomb in Jerusalem, an Arab with Israeli citizenship open fire on a bus. Yes, that David, King David.  Eight wounded, including a pregnant woman (critically injured, her baby delivered by C-section). Four or five Americans visiting from Williamsburg NY are among the wounded. Almost no mention of this in USA media outside of the expected comments from the US Ambassador and the NY Governor.
The Israel Police closed off all of the suspect’s chances for escape and hiding, and shooter has turned himself in, hiring a taxi to deliver him with his gun and knife in a 12-minute ride to the police station.  The terrorist got a receipt.  Always, always get a receipt. The taxi driver complained that as a result, he lost 3 hours of work, while police took his taxi for search procedures.
The terrorist is a 26 year old Arab citizen of Israel with a criminal record an no known links to terror groups.
The attack has been praised by all these organizations which operate in Gaza: Islamic Jihad (which shot 1,000 missiles at Israeli civilians last weekend), PLO, and Hamas, which stayed out of the war last weekend, probably for financial reasons.
“Last night, a terrorist shot at a bus in Jerusalem wounding 8 people, including a pregnant 30 year old woman and a 60 year old man who are in critical care. We pray for their full recovery.This attack on Israel’s capital, a city sacred to all three religions, must be condemned.”

— Israel Foreign Ministry (@IsraelMFA) August 14, 2022

2022-08-15 “Blame the victim:” Iran says Salman Rushdie and his supporters are to blame for his attack.
2022-08-05 thru 07: Gaza launched a 3-day war, with 1,100 missiles launched at Israeli civilians. No mention of this in USA media. No Israeli casualties, and of the Gaza casualties, the majority of them were caused by the Gaza missiles.  Estimates from the Associated Press have it that about 27 of the 48 casualties in Gaza were caused by missiles from Gaza landing in Gaza.  Further investigations will probably continue to update the figures.