Arabs and Jews: One in Messiah in The Land

Naharia: May 21-23, 2019. 
As in years past, going back 5 years, this time we had three days together to worship the King of Kings together, to study the Bible together, and to break bread together at the table. Leaders and congregation members from Hebrew Arab Israeli, and Arab Palestinian areas joined together to build relationships.


What could people with such profound differences possibly have in common?  Yeshua the Messiah!  Our common faith in Him takes enemies and turns them into friends.

Included below is a sound clip of one worship song sung by the congregation, understandable in Hebrew, Arabic, English, plus many more.  The one Hebrew word that all nations comprehend:  Literally, “Praise to YAH!”

Thanks to all those working to make it possible for me to participate in such blessed events in the Land, building His Kingdom.  And thanks to Gateway in TX for financing the bulk of the expense so we could attend at a highly subsidized rate.

No photos included, for the personal safety of all those involved.

“Hallelujah” as sung by believers congregated in Naharia at the Kingdom First conference.