American Israelis fighting for Israel’s protection on Thanksgiving Day

23 Nov 2023, Samaria: Thanksgiving is here and the hostage deal is delayed; government officials close to the negotiations say the deal won’t be closed before tomorrow.  Any deal is suspect anyway – who would trust Hamas to keep any promises? At any rate, we can see from the article below that because of what Hamas did on Oct 7, the sole peaceful civilian bridge between Israel and Gaza – where twenty thousand Gaza workers passed every day to and from jobs in Israel – has become a war zone thanks to Hamas.

Excerpt from Times of Israel, captured Nov 23, 2023: “The sole avenue of coexistence that became a Hamas killing field:   Gaza workers used to pass through Erez. So did medical patients, diplomats, UN personnel. Then terrorists struck. Reservists, including a Google staffer from Denver, show ToI around.”


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