African Cockroaches in Israel

23 Aug 2022: A Health and Wellness story:  Not only is Israel a part of the Middle East, it also borders Africa, along with everything: the flora and fauna, the crops, nations and people who are under economic oppression.

This creepy-crawly story is about the bugs.  And not just any old bedbugs or fleas.  When I lived in the Back Bay area of Boston, or in Los Angeles, both of these locations had cockroach issues.  The ones in the Back Bay were much smaller, and with the cold climate much of the year, not so prevalent.  Yet, there was a greater problem there since that part of the city was built upon filled marshland and the shallow bay.  In other parts of the city, and in other parts of the state, the roaches were not a problem.  In Hollywood and North Hollywood, the bugs were bigger and more numerous, with the warmer desert-style climate and year-round heat.  In such a place as that, with infestations “built in” to most apartment buildings, one learns quickly to never leave a dirty dish in the sink.  Ever.  It will become bait in no time.

But those were nothing compared to the African Cockroach which can also fly, in addition to being huge.

Update 25 Aug 2022:  This evening one of these roaches flew into the kitchen; landed on the floor; gained altitude again, and flew over my head towards the wall and crawled into hiding somewhere.  Mind you, all the windows and doors were closed or with bugscreens.  That one somehow managed to sneak through the cracks in the frame.

In all my time in Boston and Hollywood, I never heard of stories such as this.  Then again, maybe it’s because I had no newspaper subscription in those days.

The doctor reports that he gets a call like this once every couple of years. Jerusalem Post, 23 Aug 2022.


The doctor reports that the patient usually experiences a great amount of pain and fear. Jerusalem Post, 23 Aug 2022, pg 6.