Together with JTOD partners, I train Israeli musicians for worship,
directly partnering with Congregations.
We build home groups and Men’s Ministry.
We release anointed instruments and recordings internationally.

Our organization works with Congregations, which have worship & praise activities, but also have many other tasks with their programs and monthly overseas fundraising and public speaking. JTOD’s work is to organically build relationships with congregations, find musicians, train them in music, prayer, and spiritual work, build teams to assist the congregations in praise.

As for Men’s Ministry, there are very few congregations with an active men’s ministry and there is also a great need, which JTOD fulfills.

Why is the organization a community asset?
The need is that local Israeli congregations have limited numbers of musicians and worship team members, and few men free and able to lead men’s ministry on the local basis. We build the Body to become stronger.

Future expansion:
Expand training, Bible studies, fellowship and prayer meetings for men’s groups, and for musicians.

Growth oriented training systems in harps, worship leading, and Bible studies.

What are the challenges with the organization?
Transportation. Lack of helpers. Meeting basic operational costs.

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About the name “Jerusalem Tabernacle of David”

An ancient prophecy…
Amos 9:11-15
coming to fulfillment in our time…
Acts 15:15-18

The Prophet Amos foretold that “In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen…” (Amos 9:11 AV)

Which day? Now!

Centuries after Amos, at the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15, the Apostle James (Shaliach Yaakov) authoritatively stated that the Amos 9:11 prophecy was fulfilled in that day, which extends forward through the present time:

“And to this end the words of the prophets are fulfilled as it is written:
That after these (things), I will return and raise up the tabernacle of David, that which fell.
And I will build the thing that fell off from it and I will raise it up.
So that Master YHWH will seek the remainder of mankind and all the Gentiles, those who My Name is called over them, said Master YHWH who made all these things.
The works of Elohim are known from eternity.”