A word about Unity

2023-05-22, Netanya, Israel: A question came in about divisions in the Body of Messiah.

Teddy: So, the teaching about Ephesians 4 goes like this: We have the first 9 verses or so which describes the unity of the Spirit, because there is actually only one Elohim since the false ones don’t count, for us who are believers. So for any believers in Y’shua – how can they actually be in disunity of the Spirit if there IS only ONE Spirit? So thus, we are called to maintain that unity of the Spirit – maintain it, not gain it – because we already have it as a free gift.

The second type of unity is something different. That unity is built with the help of the pastors, prophets, apostles, evangelists, and teachers, and that is unity of faith, which is to say, unity of the knowledge of the full stature of Y’shua, the Son of Man. That we may be built UNTIL we come into that unity of knowledge of Him. See there – UNTIL means we don’t have it YET. But we will. Meanwhile, we already have the unity of the Spirit, as verses 1-9 already explained.

The mistake that many make, is getting these two types confused. So then they wrongfully split from one another because of different knowledge about Y’shua’s stature. No, different knowledge is ok – let’s try to learn from each other. And while we try and do that, we must MAINTAIN the unity of the Spirit.

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