40 New Sponsors Requested ($5 to $100 monthly)

15 Sept 2022:  Jerusalem Tabernacle of David has a prayer group of supporters and intercessors who have seen the need for more sponsors to come on board.  There is a gap between the regular monthly donation level and the monthly costs to fulfill contracts and expenses to operate in the Land.
New donors are invited to commit $10 per month, $100 per month, more or less, as each one is individually led by YAH.
Here is a potential line-up:
10 supporters giving $5 regularly;
9 supporters giving $10 USD each month;
7 supporters giving $20 per month;
7 supporters giving $50/mo;
7 supporters giving $100 USD per month;
(That’s 40 people, $1330 total extra, which covers the gap)
Dear Reader, a few questions raised in the prayer group:
“Who can commit which amount of monthly support?”
“Who is going to pray to get those 40 supporters?”

Donate now.

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