24 Hour Worship

Since 2001, JTOD’s Teddy Chadwick has worked closely with the East Coast Philippino-American Pastors on the 24-hour Worship Jesus Celebrations. In this time, I (Teddy) have participated in over eight 24-Hour Worship meetings, helping direct five of them, and personally producing and hosting two 24-Hour Worship Jesus Celebrations.

“It was great seeing people from various ethnic, geographical and denominational backgrounds worshipping YAHWEH together with one voice. He is the one true and living God, and we expect many blessings to continue to flow through Sussex County and through all the areas represented. We really could see and feel the ‘mist of God’s presence’- and it was awesome! We pray that this one, wonderful day will be another step in the Church of Jesus Christ in Sussex County becoming the ‘Worshipping Warriors’ God wants us to be.”
– Pastor Jim Westervelt and the Grace Fellowship of Sussex County Worship Team