2 Hostages Rescued from Rafah in Gaza

13 Feb 2024, Samaria: Yesterday, world media claimed that Israel was bombing Rafah completely to hell and wiping out all the Gazans.

Today we learn that Israel’s Shin Bet and IDF have rescued Luis Har, age 70, and Fernando Marman, 61, from Rafah in Gaza.

Apparently, Israel wasn’t bombing everything to smithereens in Rafah, after all. And why would Israel do so? Jews value all life, even Arabs, and even the hostages, obviously.

Israel only bombs military targets — such as United Nations buildings that are concealing missiles — but only when said buildings have no people there.

Obviously Israel is very careful and that’s how hostages get rescued.

And that’s also why the overall population of Gaza will not statistically decrease.

Jerusalem Post, 13 Feb 2024, pg 1.
Jerusalem Post, 13 Feb 2024, pg 1.


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