The JTOD Vision:

• Comfort the people (Isa. 40:1)
• Teach the Word,
• Help the Homeless,
• Lift up His Name in Praise,
• Scripture Choir events,
• Change the atmosphere through Scripture and Song,
• Build home group meetings,
• Release anointed musical instruments and recordings internationally.

Vision for Increase:  Help us increase Men’s Fellowship for believers,
• Implement new Shabbat meals for lone soldiers here in Samaria,
• New 10-string harps released to the nations,
• Import protective equipment for Civilian Guard in our towns and for Reservists.

Your Donations help lift up our hands to do what He has called us to do.

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In Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:15-18, the LORD said that He would rebuild the Tabernacle of David.

Will you partner with Him?  The LORD bless you for your support.

We Need Your Partnership.



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Oct 7 Victims Sue the UN, N. Korea, Iran, Syria in Court

At this point there are two lawsuits in progress.  Victims and their families of Oct 7 are suing the UN agency for $1B for working to support terrorists; and in the second lawsuit, several billions are sought regarding Iran, N. Korea, and Syria’s involvement in training and supplying Hamas in preparation for Oct 7.


Monthly pledges help us budget and plan our programs so we can pay our contracts and obligations in a timely way.
We can help set up recurring donations for any time period, such as weekly, quarterly, or monthly.

Invest in our Eternal Programs:

  • Teach the Word
  • Build home group meetings
  • Lift up His Name in Praise
  • Chamber Choir events
  • Change the atmosphere through Scripture and Song
  • Release anointed musical instruments and recordings internationally

Monthly Pledge Level

Target Levels:
April Oct 2023: $1,200/month
May Nov 2023: $1,400/month
June Dec 2023: $1,600/month
Jan 2024: $1,800/month

Big Target:
Median Salary Nationwide: $3,000/month*


We are so grateful for all types of cheerful givers.  While on our way to match the average Israeli salary level of $3k, if we can simply reach just 49% of that (at $1,470 per month) as a stopgap goal, this would finance a shoestring budget for our current range of Eternal Programs.

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(the most recent data available)
Average Monthly Salary is 11,753 Shekels.
($3,000 USD; 2,777 EUR; Nov 2023)

Source: 2022 Government wage report:
Up-to-the minute Conversion of 11,753 ILS:
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